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How do Vendors Register?

Bids and Awarded Bids & Contracts

County Departments post their bids online . . .

Begin Here

View Open Bids . . .
Listing of Open Bids by Commodity and County Department

Awarded Bids and Contracts . . .
Listing of Closed Bids including the awarded Vendor information.

Generate a Bid List . . .
Generate a list of County Vendors by Commodity

Certified Vendors . . .
Generate a list of Local Certified Small Business Vendors

Vendor Self Service (VSS) Information . . .
New!The VSS Portal allows registered Vendors to manage account information, view financial transactions and respond to solicitations online.

System Administration - LA COUNTY EMPLOYEES ONLY . . .
For Departments to post their Bids and Awards

Vendors can now register with Los Angeles County . . .
Vendors who register with Los Angeles County can participate in:

  • Online access to County Open Bids
  • Be placed on Bid Lists generated online by County Departments looking for prospective vendors
  • Periodically be notified automatically by email of County Bids by specific commodities/services

How does a Vendor register?
It's easy.  Vendors can register online by clicking here.

In addition to a company profile, Vendors will register for the commodity and/or service offered by the County that they would like to bid on.

As part of your registration you'll receive a County Vendor number and PIN. Your Vendor number is IMPORTANT. This number will identify you to County Departments throughout the County purchasing process.

Your Vendor number and your PIN will allow you to login online and update your registration information at any time.


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