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Los Angeles County - Vendor Self Service (VSS)

The County of Los Angeles is pleased to announce the newly launched Vendor Self-Service (VSS) Portal.

As a Vendor registered with the County of Los Angeles, the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) Portal will provide you with the following features:

Financial Transactions
  • Real-time access your purchase orders established with the County.
  • Real-time access your future scheduled payments with detail invoice information.
  • Real-time access your warrant (check) history with detail invoice information and warrant statuses.
  • Ability to enter electronic invoices online for specific categories of purchase orders.
    County Solicitations
  • Search the County's solicitations with multiple search criteria, multiple one click searches, "Quick Views", and the ability to select solicitations to be added to a Watch List (i.e. like my favorites).
  • Provides comprehensive view of solicitation information including actual line items, as well as the ability to download attachments.
    Online Responses to County Solicitations
  • Respond to solicitations online including access to previous solicitation responses.
    Access and Maintain your Vendor information
    Vendor Information Maintenance
  • Once logged in to the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) Portal, connect directly to your registration information in the County’s Online Vendor Maintenance site (WebVen), to view and maintain your addresses, contacts and commodity selections.
    Maintenance of County Solicitation Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Maintain an electronic copy of the County’s Solicitation Standard Terms and Conditions that can be electronically signed, saved, and included in your response to County solicitations.

    Link to the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) Portal: http://lacovss.lacounty.gov

    We encourage all Registered Vendors and Prospective Vendors to visit the County's Vendor Self-Service (VSS) Portal and viewing the Vendor Help Guide PDF document, you will learn more about how you can access information that will assist your business needs and enable the County to be more responsive to your inquiries.

    If you have any questions on how to obtain access to the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) Portal or need assistance activating an account, please contact Internal Services Department (ISD) Vendor Relations at 323-267-2725; Monday through Thursday during the business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.