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Solicitation Number: REBID RFSI #CFCI 2021-02
Title: Request for Statement of Interest (RFSI) #CFCI 2021-02 Contracting for Community Engagement Consultant Services for Care First Community Investment Funds
Department: Chief Executive Office
Bid Type: Service Bid Amount: $500,000.00
This RFSI is to identify interest from Consultants who will support the CFCI Advisory Committee, as a whole, and its community engagement efforts. On August 10, 2021, the Board adopted a motion replacing the Measure J Reimagine LA Advisory Committee with the Care First Community Investment (CFCI) Advisory Committee and, directed the CEO to retain a professional facilitator or consultant (Consultant) with expertise in racial equity, serving communities of color and low income communities, and in leading robust community engagement processes. Consultant will facilitate the CFCI Advisory Committee’s community engagement process to ensure diverse community voices are elevated and incorporated into spending priorities, address the impact of racial injustice within the criminal justice systems, and promote strategies in five areas: (1) economic opportunity; (2) diversion, behavioral health, and mental/physical health; (3) education access and youth development; (4) housing; and (5) reentry.
Open Day: 11/23/2021 Close Date: 1/12/2022 12:00:00 PM
Contact Name: Kashari S. Jones Contact Phone: (213) 974-2459
Contact Email:
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