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Solicitation Number: RFP ARP CA-23-012
Title: Request For Proposal: ARP CA-23-012 Grant Administration Services - Financial Coaching Partnerships Project
Department: Consumer and Business Affairs
Bid Type: Service Bid Amount: N/A
The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs is issuing this Request for Proposals to identify a qualified organization to oversee the Financial Coaching Partnerships project. The contractor for this project shall be responsible for providing administrative services such as developing and overseeing a grant application process and the disbursement of grant funding to Community Based Organizations who will have staff undergo a financial coaching course and provide financial counselling. The contractor will also be responsible for conducting outreach activities, project monitoring, data collection, and data reporting. Please review the attachments to this posting for more details.
Open Day: 12/14/2022 Close Date: 1/27/2023 2:00:00 PM
Contact Name: Jeffrey Pransky Contact Phone: (213) 550-3968
Contact Email:
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