Your Registration Starts Here

Registering as a vendor only takes a few minutes. Once you enter the registration page, you will be led through the registration process using easy-to-follow instructions.

Before you start your registration, please collect the following items:

  • Your taxpayer identification number and certification
  • Your company/organization main contact name, phone, address
  • Your California Sales Tax Permit number, if applicable
  • A list of the types of Products and/or Services your company provides

If you are already registered you can Login to access your profile and make updates at any time.

The updates include general information, Company demographics, Contact info including street address and email, commodities and/or services you provided and standard terms & conditions.

If you need assistance, please contact LA County - ISD Vendor Relations:

Hours:  Monday - Thursday (7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m PST)

Online help guides with step-by-step instructions are available here
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Already registered?

Before registering as a new vendor, you can search our directory of vendors to see if you’re already registered with the County of Los Angeles.

Vendor Registration Intro

Why Register?

The first step in doing business with the County of Los Angeles starts with registering as a County vendor.

Vendors who register with the County of Los Angeles can participate in:

  • Bid on over 6,900 categories of commodities and services
  • Be sought after by County Departments seeking qualified vendors
  • Potentially qualify for programs that provide bidding preferences
  • Periodically be notified by email of County Bids by specific commodities/services
  • Respond online to solicitations for commodities
  • Access your profile at any time to make updates

Responsibility of Maintaining Your Vendor Profile

As the County of Los Angeles looks forward to working with vendors, the County would like to remind you of your responsibility to maintain your vendor profile information.

The County uses information of your vendor profile to send you email notifications of posted solicitations and vendor outreach events, etc.

Your company information of contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses just to name a few, must be current and accurate in order for the county to do business with you.

More Information for Vendors

County's Solicitation Preference Programs

LA County has a number of Preference programs which allow the participating vendors to request that a preference be applied when bidding on an LA County Solicitation.

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Doing Business with Los Angeles County

Your starting point for purchasing and contracting opportunities as a vendor with Los Angeles County.

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Vendor Self Service Portal

The Vendor Self Service (VSS) Portal allows registered Vendors to manage account information, view financial transactions and respond to solicitations online.

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Direct Deposit Online Registration Form

The County of Los Angeles, Auditor-Controller's Office has developed a convenient and secure site for entry of your direct deposit information.

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