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This online help has been provided to assist you with your registration.

Before You Begin

For instructions on how to login to Webven, please Click Here.
If you need additional assistance, please contact County Vendor Relations at 323-267-2725.
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Navigating Between Data Entry Forms

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Note: Once you have finished with the registration, please do not try to go back into the registration forms using the back button on your browser.
Note: Please provide us with an e-mail address on the Address Forms (i.e. Payment, Order, and Web Registration) to expedite the notification process for this and future actions concerning bids and solicitations.


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Los Angeles County Vendor Registration

Los Angeles County Vendor Registration
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Los Angeles County Vendor Registration (WEBVEN)

Vendors can now register online with Los Angeles County . . .

Vendors who register with Los Angeles County can participate in:
  • Online access to County Open Bids
  • Be placed on Bid Lists generated online by County Departments looking for prospective vendors
  • Periodically be notified by email of County Bids by specific commodities/services
  • May qualify to register in the County's Preference Programs
How does a Vendor register? It's easy!

Before you begin, search to see if you have already registered with L.A. County Search
    New Vendors can register here: New Registration

    Re-Registration Vendors can login here: Re-Registration

    Change Registration Vendors can login using the login box on the top-left corner of this page.

    Please Note:
    Registration process takes 1-5 business days to finalize upon receipt of a completed, correct and signed W-9.
More information for Vendors !
  • You can access a list of Certified Vendors for one of the County's Solicitation Preference Programs by Clicking here
New!The Vendor Self Service (VSS) Portal allows registered Vendors to manage account information, view financial transactions and respond to solicitations online.
  • Responsibility of maintaining County of Los Angeles Vendor profiles . . .

    In an effort to maintain accurate vendor records, the County of Los Angeles would like to remind you of your responsibility to maintain your vendor profile information. The County uses information from your vendor profile to contact you, to send email notifications of posted solicitations, for payment information, etc. Your company information of contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses just to name a few, must be current and accurate in order for the County to provide you with what you may need to work with us.

    If you have questions in regard to your profile, you may contact Vendor Relations at (323) 267-2725.